Dog Attack Injuries

You can file a dog attack lawsuit for dog bite compensation for the pain and suffering you have been put through due to a dog bite injury. However, determining the value of pain and suffering is not easy. There are many factors that make up what a reasonable dog bite compensation is for pain and suffering. The length of time that a victim suffers from their injuries is directly related to the monetary worth of a dog attack lawsuit. For example, if scarring is involved, the suffering could be life-long, specifically if it’s a scar on the face. Such cases can get the victim maximum dog bite compensation, as the pain and suffering is readily obvious. However, scars that are not so obvious, have monetary value, just not as much as a facial scar. If the individual had to get any form of plastic surgery it also goes into the pain and suffering calculation.

The most important element in a dog attack lawsuit for pain and suffering is the nature of the dog bite injury and the medical treatment involved. In all, the more serious the injury, the more medical treatment needed, the higher the medical bills, and the longer time-frame of pain and suffering. On the other hand, if the injuries are minor, the bills are less, the treatment time-frame is shorter, and the case is as a result worth less.

There is a tremendous amount of emotional distress suffered by an individual with a facial scar mostly because of the stress that goes into having to look in the mirror and seeing a dog bite scar on their face every day, several times a day. Many dog bite attorneys claim clients who are facially scarred get psychological counseling to deal with the distress, and this also adds to the emotional distress component.

Furthermore, humiliation is related to emotional distress, but is a separate element of pain and suffering. For example, if the dog bite victim feels humiliated because people stare, point, or whisper it is humiliating to the victim and has real dog attack compensation value to the dog attack case, especially when severe scarring on any part of the body has occurred.

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