$65,000 Verdict in Philadelphia County, PA (Slip and Fall)

$65,000 verdict for Chester woman who slipped and fell on water she tracked into a Giant supermarket in Aldan, PA (Delaware County).  This was a particularly difficult case because store video showed 27 other people walking in the area during the 3 minutes before and after the slip and fall, and no one else slipped and fell.  The store used the video footage to argue the floor was not, in fact, wet, and that it had no way of knowing a customer (our client) could track water into the store.  The store also argued our client was uninjured in the fall because her visit to the emergency room failed to show any evidence of injury -- there was no bruising, x-rays were negative, and the physical exam was completely normal.  Our client also waited a month to get additional medical treatment, which was sporadic thereafter.  After an 8-day jury trial, Tom Gibbons finally got justice for our client with a $65,000 verdict.  The defendant store did not make any settlement offers before trial.  The case was a featured story in Verdict Search: Pennsylvania.


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