Dedicated, Experienced Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers Ready To Represent You

Injury victims such as yourself do not have the luxury of choosing how they’re injured—so why should their legal options be limited? We don’t think they should. Come see how we try to address all of our clients’ needs by defending a wide range of injury claims from dog bites to traffic accident trauma.

Auto Accidents

Even minor car crashes are upsetting and awful. From the moment of the collision to several weeks, months, or years later, a single car crash can have a disastrous impact on your life. This is exactly why we at Gibbons Legal believe that you deserve personal attention and support in order to pursue your injury claims without confusion or reservations. You shouldn???t have to settle when it comes to your injuries???you should get a settlement. Come see how we can help you get exactly what you deserve.

SEPTA Accidents

SEPTA offers train, subway, bus, and trolley services throughout Philadelphia. While using public transit is usually safe, sometimes accidents happen and passengers are seriously injured as a result. Because SEPTA is a state agency, there are specific laws surrounding injury claims. For this reason, it is critical that victims of SEPTA accidents seek legal counsel immediately and talk with an attorney who has successfully represented injured victims of SEPTA accidents.

At Gibbons Legal, we understand that victims of SEPTA-related accidents will not only need compensation for their immediate needs, but also for their future needs. We have the experience it takes and are committed to fighting hard in order to get victims of SEPTA accidents the financial compensation they need.

Dog Bites and Attacks

Although generally considered “man’s best friend,” dogs can become extremely aggressive at the drop of a hat. One second they’re perfectly affectionate and calm, and the next they can be at your throat. Come see how our representation can make sure that your dog attack injuries are properly compensated while also giving you and your family the peace of mind you need after a vicious attack.

Work Accidents

Work-related accidents can happen unexpectedly and cause debilitating injuries. These injuries are not only painful and expensive, but can keep you from being able to work for weeks, months, or even years on end. Make sure you get the representation you deserve to get the injury compensation you need to cover your losses. Come see how we can help you when your job lets you down.

Slip and Fall Accidents

People fall all the time and suffer injuries. While some falls occur due to clumsiness, other falls happen due to someone else’s negligence. Although every fall-related injury is unfortunate, slip and fall accidents that occur due to someone else’s negligence should have never occurred in the first place. When a private or public property is unkept and unsafe, property owners should be held liable for the injuries that occur on their premises.

At Gibbons Legal, we want victims of slip and fall accidents to understand premises liability claims, what to do and not do after a slip and fall accident, and what compensation they are entitled to. This is why we have put together helpful information on our website so that victims who are feeling helpless and overwhelmed can learn more about their legal rights.