Should I go to the emergency room?

Hi folks, Tom Gibbons here with Gibbons Legal, PC.   A lot of people ask me whether they should go to an emergency room after a car accident.  The simple truth of it is, if you are hurt in the accident and you need the emergency medical care - you should go.  If you are not hurt in the accident or you simply don't need emergency treatment then don't go. 

The next question is always but "Who is going to pay for it".  Well when you purchase car insurance in Pennsylvania, you are also purchasing health insurance for accident related treatment.  It is called First Party Medical Benefits sometimes called Personal Injury Protection.  That coverage means your own insurance company will pay for your accident related treatment up to the dollar figure of the insurance coverage you purchased.  If you seek treatment for something unrelated to the accident, like the flu, your insurance company won't pay for it.  Thanks for watching and I hope you learned something.  Got Hurt?  Get Gibbons