Full coverage = Great insurance?? Not necessarily

http://www.gibbonslegal.com  Hi folks, Tom Gibbons here with Gibbons Legal.  Every day I get calls from car accident victims who tell me they have great insurance because they have full coverage.  But what does that mean?  Well in Pennsylvania it simply means that you have the required Liability Insurance and also the optional Property Damage Coverage.  Property Damage Coverage, which the insurance companies call Collision Coverage, simply means that your own insurance company will pay for your property damage in the event that you caused the accident, the other insurance company refuses to pay for it or that the other driver simply didn't have insurance in the first place.  It has nothing to do with your rights to recover money for your personal injuries.  Of course, as always, should you have any questions or concerns you are more than welcome to call us at 215-569-1455 or email me at tom@gibbonslegal.com.  Thanks for listening, hope you learned something.   Got hurt?  Get Gibbons.