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Injured in an Accidents?

You deserve an attorney who will fight for maximum compensation.

We Proudly Serve Philadelphia Clients Involved In All Types of Auto Accident Cases


These are the sounds that you hear as a car loses control, collides into you, breaks your bones, and capsizes your car.

Your children are screaming, blood is running down your face, and smoke is rising from somewhere in the engine. You try to get your act together and assess the situation. It takes about 20 seconds for the buzzing in your ears to subside and then your panic takes over.

What happened? Who’s hurt? You need to get your family out of the car?Who’s fault is this? Should you move them? Is anyone in the other car injured? What are you going to do? What will your wife say? Is the car totaled? You just paid it off? How will you pay for this?

These are all perfectly natural questions to ask yourself when involved in an accident. However, the most important question anyone in an accident should ask himself after the worst injuries have received treatment, unfortunately doesn’t hit until the panic wears off, and in many cases that’s too late.

Client Testimonials

“He made me feel like a family member, who was taken care of.”

– Cedric Shaw

Automotive Accidents Are Far Too Common

Every day, thousands of accidents are reported across the nation. Some are small fender-benders, while others are fatally catastrophic. In fact, car accident rates are so alarmingly high that every year you personally have a three percent chance of getting into an accident. Although this may not seem that high, when you put it into perspective it’s quite scary. One out of every 30 people will suffer a collision one in 30! How many friends do you have on Facebook? How many of them will wind up in a crash within the next year? Will you or a family member get injured?

If you do, what happens next?

Many people believe that their insurance will cover medical costs and any damage that results from an auto accident. Sadly, they find out too late that they’re mistaken. Insurance companies are just like any other business: they’re out to make a profit. This means their top priority is to make and save money, no matter who they hurt or take advantage of in the process.

Although we understand insurance company tactics (having dealt with them our entire career), we’re incensed on how often they take advantage of our fellow Philadelphians. We believe you deserve more!

This is why we take pride in fighting for you and your injury rights. Our extensive knowledge and experience of collision cases allows us to fully represent your case no matter the cause of the accident. In order to ensure that we meet your needs and expectations, we accept all types of traffic accident claims, including:

We want you to be 100 percent comfortable and confident that we’re the perfect choice for your representation. That is why, in addition to striving to explain the cause of your accident, we pride ourselves in making sure we have all of your interests at heart when it comes to easing the effects of your accident as well, no matter how severe your injuries are.

We routinely represent victims with:

  • Severe injuries, including brain trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones, and internal injuries
  • Extended medical treatment requirements
  • Surgical needs
  • Need for long-term care
  • Excessive medical bills

Call Gibbons Legal, P.C., If You?? Have Been Injured In An Auto Accident in Philadelphia

At Gibbons Legal, P.C., we have spent our entire careers fighting to defend people like you from being taken advantage of by insurance companies. We have years worth of experience dealing with their tactics, loopholes, and lies. We know the difference between a fair settlement and a blatant insult. Don’t allow insurance companies to take advantage of you and your family. Call us today to get the compensation you deserve!

What are you waiting for? Contact us at (215) 569-1455 for a free consultation and review of your case. Remember, we can’t help secure your future until you take the first step. Call now!

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