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A Philadelphia slip and fall accident lawyer can protect your rights and help you claim compensation. At Gibbons & Crichton, Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers, we have a track record of success.

We handle slip and fall cases. If you’re hurt because of a hazard on someone else’s property, we can help you seek compensation.

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Lawyers for Slip and Fall Accidents in Philadelphia

Anyone can be the victim of a slip and fall accident. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Other times, a property owner may allow a dangerous condition to exist for a long time, and there was no way to avoid it. However it happened, you’re hurt, and you need help.

We are lawyers for slip and fall accidents in Philadelphia. Our professional team of injury attorneys assists people through the legal process. You may deserve compensation, and you should receive the amount that you are due under the law. The Gibbons & Crichton, Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers represent victims and their families.

Locations we serve:

  • Bucks County
  • Chester County
  • Delaware County
  • Montgomery County
  • Philadelphia County

Wherever you are in the greater Philadelphia area, we can help you. To discuss your case and start today, call or message us for your consultation.

The Dangers of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall injuries are the leading cause of emergency room visits for people over the age of 65, and result in over 15,000 deaths per year.

So, why are slip and falls so dangerous?

Common Slip and Fall Injuries

When an object falls from a certain height and strikes the ground, the force that is exerted on it can cause a lot of damage, especially if it falls from a significant height. For example, if you drop an egg on the counter from a height of five inches, the egg probably won’t crack. However, if you drop it on the floor from a height of five feet, the egg won’t only crack, it’ll break open.

This same principle applies to the human body. When you fall over, your head, neck, spine, and other fragile areas of your body fall from a height of at least four feet, which exerts a lot of impact force when you hit the ground. This force can be so great that it can (and often does) cause the following injuries:

  • Pulled muscles and stretched tendons: Reflexes such as tensing your muscles and twisting your limbs in anticipation of a painful fall could result in overextension of tendons or pulled muscles
  • Sprained or broken wrists, ankles, and knees: Your wrists, ankles, and knees are the most fragile joints on your body as they have very little protection; they sacrifice stability in order to provide mobility. Unfortunately, these are also the joints used most often to catch yourself while falling. When you hit the ground, the delicate bones in these joints can easily twist, snap, and pop.
  • Fractured collarbones: Slamming your chest into the ground when falling face first can cause massive impact force to crack, snap, or shatter your collarbone.
  • Bruised or chipped tailbones: Much like your collarbone, when you fall backward, the first things to make contact with the ground is your butt and back; it’s a natural reaction to push your butt out to absorb impact. The impact of hitting the ground can cause your tailbone to chip, while the residual force can travel up the tailbone and cause it to fracture.
  • Head and brain trauma: The force of a fall in any direction can have a severe impact on your neck and skull. Your neck isn’t rigid, so when your body hits the ground, your neck acts as a whip and allows your skull to continue to flail toward the ground. This produces the jerking action known as whiplash and can also damage cervical vertebrae or add extra force to your head as it strikes the ground. This force can cause skull fractures, bruising, and brain damage.
  • Spinal cord injuries: If you fall on your back, the majority of the force may be exerted on your spine. The result: vertebrae that chip, break, or become compressed, and permanent damage to spinal discs, the spinal cord, and surrounding nerves.

Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

When a fall happens in public, it’s natural to be embarrassed. However, don’t pretend that everything is okay. The steps you take after a slip and fall accident can impact your case for compensation.

We want you to know the steps to take after a slip and fall accident. Here is what to do:

  • Document the accident. Evidence can disappear quickly after an incident so do what you can do to document what occurred. Take photographs and identify witnesses.
  • File an incident report. Tell the business or property manager that the incident occurred by filing an incident report. Even if you don’t think you’re seriously hurt, your injuries may be worse than you realize. Plus, your report helps if a similar incident happens in the future.
  • Seek medical care. Medical care is good for your physical health and for any potential legal case.
  • Contact an experienced attorney. Working with qualified legal counsel ensures your rights are protected as you seek compensation.

These are general steps to follow after a slip and fall accident, but each case is different. Our lawyers can give you a personal evaluation and clear guidance about what you can do right now to help your case.

Accident reports – watch out for waivers

In the chaos and confusion of a slip and fall, the property owner or their insurance company may put a waiver in your hand. They may want you to sign it right away.

The waiver may say release or authorization. They may want to access your medical records. They may even want you to release all liability and claims.

Don’t sign the waiver! Talk to us first!

Your medical records relating to the slip and fall might be relevant. They form the basis of your injury claim. However, that’s not why the insurance company wants the release. They want to go digging through your medical history. They want to find existing injuries they can use to deny liability or uncover embarrassing information that they hope will make you give up.

If the waiver is a waiver of liability, they’re asking you to give up your right to receive additional compensation. Sign it, and your case is over.

One of our lawyers can look at the waiver and help you respond. We can review the waiver, what it means, and what your options are. Always call us if you’re presented with a waiver for a slip and fall claim! We can guide your next steps and protect your rights.

Philadelphia Slip and Fall FAQs

Can you get compensation for a slip and fall in Philadelphia?

Yes, Philadelphia slip and fall victims may seek compensation. Property owners have a duty to keep their property safe. When an unreasonable and dangerous condition results in a fall and injuries, a victim may have a claim.

Do slip and fall laws apply in the workplace?

A slip and fall on the job may fall under workers’ compensation or an injury claim in tort. What course of action to pursue depends on the individual circumstances. However, know that if you are injured in the workplace, it is worth your while to contact a lawyer. There may be one or multiple paths to pursue compensation.

Is it possible to get slip and fall compensation from a landlord?

Landlords must keep their property in good condition. Whether it is possible to get compensation for a slip and fall depends on who was in control of the property and responsible for the dangerous condition. Most landlords carry liability insurance, so if they are responsible, insurance may be available to pay compensation.

Can I bring a slip and fall claim against the city?

A city may have liability for a slip and fall like other property owners. However, the time limit to file a claim and the procedures required are different than in other cases, so don’t wait to contact a lawyer.

Are slip and fall laws applicable in nursing homes?

Because they are in the business of providing care to vulnerable people, the duty of a nursing home to keep the facility safe is high. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a nursing home, we invite you to see how our lawyers can help.

Consultation with a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

If you have been hurt in a slip and fall, we invite you to have a consultation with our lawyers in Philadelphia. Gibbons & Crichton, Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers exclusively represents victims. We take the time to know what’s important to you and identify your goals.

We are committed to your needs. Through excellence in legal advocacy, we take a comprehensive approach to each case.

Start today with a consultation. Get answers to your questions and learn about our services. Call 215-274-0173 or message us now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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