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COMING SOON! Car Accident? What the #&@! is Limited Tort?

Car accident? What the #&@! is limited tor?

You’re on your way to work when traffic slows for a stop light. You slow, too. And then? BAM! The knucklehead behind you wasn’t paying attention, and now your car is totaled and your neck is killing you!

“I’m so sorry,” says the knucklehead. “Don’t worry. I have great insurance. Everything will be fine.”

A few months go by. You’ve got a shiny new car, but you’re still popping pain killers like tic tacs and going to therapy a few times each week. You’re neck just isn’t getting better. So frustrating! And then you get a letter from the knucklehead’s insurance company – “We have confirmed that you elected limited tort insurance coverage, because of which you are not entitled to compensation for your injuries. We will now be closing our file.”

Confused, you think to yourself “This has to be a joke! What the heck is limited tort?!”

I help a lot of car accident victims. A lot. And a lot of them have limited tort insurance coverage, and have no idea what limited tort insurance coverage is. In this book, I’ll teach you the basic concepts of limited tort law and how they affect your rights after a Pennsylvania car accident. More importantly, I’ll teach you what the court looks for when determining if you “pierce the limited tort threshold” and get paid for your pain and suffering.

You’re already hurt. Don’t let the knucklehead’s insurance company make it worse. Know your rights.

You may not need a lawyer; I’m here to help if you want one.

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